Best Shopping Malls Near me in Howrah west Bengal


Forum Rangoli Mall is a large shopping center that features a wide range of food and boutiques. This is a great place to meet friends and family. Many household items can be found at an affordable price in the mall.

There is a game area, restaurant, and other amenities to suit your lifestyle and household needs. With the right mix of brands and a variety of services, they aim to delight clients. Forum Rangoli Mall offers a modern shopping environment that will make your shopping experience enjoyable and easy.

Men’s Fashion, Sportswear and Foodcourt. KFC, Entertainments. CCD. Movies. Dominos. Cafe. Restaurant. Multiplex. Gift Shop. Lifestyles. Cosmetics. Women’s Fashion. Electrical and Electronics. Clothing. Fashion Accessories. Opticals. Jewellery & Toy Shop.


Avani Riverside Mall is the largest shopping center in Howrah. The mall covers 600,000 square feet and is an architectural marvel. It was designed to inspire admiration and create awe. It is the nation’s most automated and advanced mall.

Avani Riverside Mall is an ideal place to meet friends and spend quality time with family and friends. There are many high-quality cafes and restaurants in the mall, all of which offer a variety of cuisines and styles. Customers can park in the mall’s convenient parking lot.

Entertainment, Food Court, Cafes and Health and Beauty, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Jewellery and Pantaloons and the Big Bazaar. Gifts, PVR Cinema. Restaurants. Fashion and Accessories. Communications and Electrical. Homewares and Furniture. Reliance Trends. Department Store & Fresh Food.


RD Mall is a well-known shopping center in Howrah. The mall offers a range of products and services at a reasonable price, with a focus on conveniences for residents. It has a distinctive style with a delicious mix of F&B, beauty and retail, as well as enrichment and retail options.

RD Mall is a shopping center that offers everything you need. The mall proudly offers a variety of retailers to its customers. There are ample parking spaces and lifts at the mall.

Departmental Stores. Car Parking. Big Bazaar. Hypermarket. Cosmetics. Trendz. Box Office. Book Store. Fashion Accessories. Clothing. Cafe. Restaurant. M McDonalds. Multiplex. Supermarket. Entertainment. Food Court. Dominos. Caffe Coffee Day. Lifestyle Pantaloons.

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