Best Pet Shops in Indore


My Pet Mall is one of the biggest pet shops in Indore. Their experienced staff provides their customers with high-quality personal service. Their groomers can take care of any breed, size, coat variety.

The team uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment for their services. They provide a variety of services with compassion and a full understanding of your pet needs.

Their stores reflect a unique setting and offer pet owners a realistic, enjoyable and unique experience. They also have a wide range of wet food options from Kennel, Royal Canin, Jerhigh, and Drools.

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Pet Care, Pet Grooming, Home Delivery, Dog Food & Nutrition


Pet’s Heaven Indore has a wide variety of local bread pets, including food and accessories, housing, cages and toys. Their stores represent a unique environment and provide a practical, fun and unique experience for pet owners.

They are a specialist pet care business; everything they sell is tested specifically for pets. The shop provides all the famous dog breeds and serves its customer’s dog food, cat food, birds food, and pet requirements under one roof.

All the top brand’s available supply dry, canned and frozen foods for your loving pets at the best prices money can buy.

SPECIALITY: Pet Shops in Indore
Dog and Cat: Food and Accessories, Raw, Dry & Wet Dog Food


Giantland Pet Shop is one of the leading pet shops in Indore. It is a small family run business that prides itself in providing 5-star products and services for you and your pets.

They are a passionate animal loving family who adores working with animals every day and will do their utmost to ensure your pet’s requirements are catered for. They stock a full range of complete balanced dog food. They also supply a variety of high-quality branded dog foods at affordable prices.

They also stock a small amount of Nutriment raw packs. Giantland Pet Shop has a relaxing atmosphere. Whether your dog needs full grooming or cutting or hand stripping services, their highly experienced groomer always strives to provide you with the best grooming experience.

Grooming, Pet Care, Accessories, Food & Anti – Tick Management

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