Best 24 Hour Medical Shops in Pondicherry


Apollo Pharmacy-Bussy Street, one of the largest chain pharmacies in Pondicherry. They stock FMCG and OTC medicines. This is done by qualified personnel using a computerized system. They offer online service.

They provide free delivery. You will receive personal guidance regarding instructions, side effects advice and drug storage.

Apollo Pharmacy-Bussy Street aims to provide personalised and professional service to all its customers. Apollo Pharmacy provides genuine medication 24 hours a day through its pharmacies.

Adult Care, Feeding bottle and Nursing, Nutrition, Health Care, Hair Removal, Baby Diapers. Personal, Hair. Respiratory and Skin Care


Mithula Pharmacy, one of the most renowned pharmacies in Pondicherry, is open 24 hours for clients’ convenience. The highly-trained chemists at Mithula Pharmacy can collaborate with any health care provider to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

The pharmacists at Mithula Pharmacy are specialists in all types of medicines. Mithula Pharmacy stocks medicines from almost all manufacturers and compositions.

They are happy to answer any questions their customers may have. Their prices are affordable.

Women Hygiene, General Caring, Men’s & Women’s Health Vitamins, Weight Management Products Supplements & Skincare


New Medical Centre-Pharmacy has one of the most convenient 24 hour pharmacies in Pondicherry. The pharmacy sells nutrition bars, diabetes management, and protein powders for children.

They can provide the best possible care to their customers thanks to their pharmacist. They are able to access the necessary drugs at any time.

New Medical Centre-Pharmacy is committed to helping patients live longer, happier and healthier lives.

SPECIALITY – 24 Hour Medical Shops Near Me in Pondicherry
Vitamins, Skin Care, First Aid Items and Supplements, Women Hygiene, Weight Management Products, and Women Personal Care

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